Sports Analytics

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For the past few years, I have been doing extensive research in sports analytics. From analyzing baseball pitchers to creating new metrics for NHL goalies, I have been working on several projects. Here, you’ll find a brief explanation of each project as well as any related links to them.

NHL Goalie Starter Model

In an attempt to determine if a NHL goalie was performing at a starter’s level, I created a machine learning model to determine if a goalie was a starter. In order to keep the definition of starter fair, I determined that a starter is a goalie who starts at least 40 games in a season. The machine learning model is a neural network classifier which takes in various statistics and returns a probability. If the probability is greater than 0.5, then the goalie is deemed a starter. Notable analyses have been done on the Pittsburgh Penguins goalies – Matt Murray and Casey DeSmith.


NHL Shots per Goal Statistic

In the NHL, advanced statistics are beginning to be used. I have been researching and analyzing a new statistic that should serve as a “strike-rate” for NHL goalies and skaters.

Last Update: January 8th, 2019


NHL Goalie and Skater Heat Maps

In this analysis, I am looking at “heat maps” or specific goalies and skaters. These heat maps will show shot volume and scoring likelihood. This is a stepping stone project for a large project: using machine learning to determine the best scoring zones for specific skaters, and using machine learning to determine the weaknesses for goalies.

Last Update: January 31th, 2019


NHL Shot Based Goal Scoring Model

This project is aimed to determine if it is viable to use machine learning in determining if a shot will be a goal.

Last Update: February 7th, 2019


NHL Shot Type Effectiveness Model

This project is aimed at determining how effective different types of NHL shots are using machine learning.

Last Update: February 24th, 2019


MLB Pitcher Precision Analysis

This project is aimed to help quantify what precision is to MLB pitchers.

Last Update: May 12th, 2019