I am an avid fan of esports. From the Super Smash Bros series to the Dota World Championship, I am extremely interested in esports and its growth. Currently, I am the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the budding grassroots organization Team SMAK and Sentry Esports.

Team SMAK is a small budding esports organization in the Western PA region. We host weekly Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Melee tournaments and offer a professional streaming service. In addition, I am proud to say that we sponsor a player, Shay “Shady” DeSabato, a content creator, Jake “Y?” Hanzlik, and a commentator, Jordan “Lunar” Pacheco.

President and CEO Timothy “Seraph” Legenzoff and myself with our first sponsored player Shay “Shady” DeSabato at the Save Point tournament in Milton, PA

In addition to being a part of Team SMAK, I am a content creator and stream in my spare time. Though I do not have a large following on Twitch, the service I stream on, I primarily stream to have fun and relax. I also upload some combo videos and music on my esports YouTube channel.