Triple Play Analytics

Welcome to Triple Play Analytics!

Triple Play Analytics is a sports analytics podcast that focuses on hockey, basketball, and baseball. We post all of our content on YouTube. Our usual topics for hockey are Corsi metrics, line combinations, and general goalie analysis. For basketball, we focus primarily on scoring. When we discuss baseball, we tend to look at batting analysis and pitcher effectiveness.

Additionally, every episode has an associated article, published in the blogs section of this site and sometimes on the Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics website or on The Point of Pittsburgh, an online magazine.

After a brief break due to me returning to college, I resumed Triple Play Analytics with a more consistent schedule.

  • 100 Word Analysis: Evgeni Malkin – Video
  • Sports Model Discussions: NHL Shot Probability – Video and Website
  • 100 Word Analysis: Rasmus Dahlin – Video
  • 100 Word Analysis: Kris Letang – Video
  • Sports Model Discussions: Shot Effectiveness Model – Video and Website

If you are interested in coming onto the show or have any questions or comments, please contact us! Additionally, you can follow Triple Play Analytics on Twitter at @triplayanalytic and on Instagram at @triplayanalytic for more updates and discussion.