Understanding Modular Arithmetic

In most introductory computer science mathematics courses at the university level, modular arithmetic is a necessity due to it’s prevalence in computer science theory. When I was in high school, I sought to get ahead and teach myself some modular arithmetic to help myself in my cryptography research. So, I’m going to try and give … [Read more…]

From Small Beginnings…

Sir Francis Drake’s motto is sic parvis magna When translated from Latin, it means “greatness from small beginnings.” At a young age, I wanted to learn all about computers and computer science. I aspired to know it all. Anything about the current programming language I was learning, I wanted to become an expert in it. … [Read more…]

Pastimes and Hobbies

I’m thinking of what I should write about, and I realized that most people don’t really know what I do in my free time. So, I decided to write a bit about my many hobbies and my favorite pastimes. Off the bat, when someone mentions pastimes, immediately baseball comes to my mind. Unlike most teenagers … [Read more…]