The Elite Play of Phil Kessel

For the Pittsburgh Penguins, Phil Kessel is playing extraordinarily well. He’s already surpassed his goals scored and points total from last year in only 67 games. He’s over a point per game player is has created his own line, but still versatile all throughout the lineup. In short, he’s playing at an elite level. But … [Read more…]

The Rise of Nikita Kucherov and William Karlsson

In the NHL right now, there are so many superstars: Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Alexander Ovechkin, Connor McDavid, and Johnny Gaudreau to name a few. However, every season, the NHL has to hand out the Hart Memorial Trophy, the MVP of the season. This season, the superstars have been phenomenal but there are some young … [Read more…]

NHL Goalie Shot Analysis

In today’s NHL, having an elite goalie is necessary to make a playoff push, let alone ensure a playoff spot. However, when analyzing a goalie, basic hockey stats like shots and goals against average don’t tell the full story for a goalie. So for the past few months, I have been looking at previous NHL … [Read more…]

The Importance of Good User Interfaces

When developers are making their applications, something they always keep in mind is the look and feel of their application. Above all standards, the user experience has the highest priority. If a developer makes an application that is not user-friendly, then I consider that application not useful. If the user cannot intuitively discern how to … [Read more…]

The Curious Case of Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen was the face of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization for the first seven years of his career. Then one bad year spoiled his Hall of Fame worthy career. Now, he finds himself on the Pirates’ trading block before the 2017 season. Most people would crack under pressure and continue to play poorly. But Andrew … [Read more…]

Rookies and Their Importance

I remember one day while I was walking to class when I saw someone wearing a shirt with “All Champions were once Rookies” written on it. This phrase came back to my mind constantly while I was watching the Stanley Cup playoffs and when the Pirates played the Rays on June 30th. Rookies Jake Guentzel … [Read more…]

From Small Beginnings…

Sir Francis Drake’s motto is sic parvis magna When translated from Latin, it means “greatness from small beginnings.” At a young age, I wanted to learn all about computers and computer science. I aspired to know it all. Anything about the current programming language I was learning, I wanted to become an expert in it. … [Read more…]

Pastimes and Hobbies

I’m thinking of what I should write about, and I realized that most people don’t really know what I do in my free time. So, I decided to write a bit about my many hobbies and my favorite pastimes. Off the bat, when someone mentions pastimes, immediately baseball comes to my mind. Unlike most teenagers … [Read more…]

About Me

Hi everyone! I’m Sasank and this is a brief history about me. I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and lived there until I was 12. There, I was exposed to so many different cultures, ideas, and perspectives – one being computer science. At a young age, I loved to tinker with electronics. I attended a … [Read more…]