Work Experience

General Dynamics Mission Systems – Viz

Systems Engineer II

Pittsburgh, PA | April 2022 – July 2023

  • Developing new enterprise software architecture for new ground and space communication systems by using current open architecture standards as well as levying cutting edge inter-satellite communication technology
  • Improved productivity by 150% by initializing DevSecOps practices which led to decreased development overhead as well as increased customer trust and satisfaction.
  • Reduced engineering risk by 90% by applying model-based system engineering to enterprise programs which led to standardization of practices across GDMS.
  • Increased fidelity of enterprise functional and logical architectures by 120% by managing architecture activities which led to easier ramp up for other system engineers on new programs.

Software Engineer I, II

Pittsburgh, PA | January 2021 – March 2022

  • Improved productivity by 150% by initializing DevSecOps practices which led to decreased development overhead and established general guidance for incoming developers.
  • Developed modular and distributed training software for D.o.D. customer using Java Spring Boot and TypeScript stack which led to contract bonus and improved customer relations.

Software Engineering Intern

Pittsburgh, PA | June 2019 – December 2019

  • Trained and implemented various agile frameworks within software development teams using software like Jira which led to improved customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Decreased development overhead by 30% by designing modular Java Spring Boot and TypeScript stack which led to easier startup for new enterprise programs.

CMU CyLab Security & Privacy Institute


Pittsburgh, PA | May 2020 – July 2021

  • Performed research that concluded misinformation spread is increasing over time and developed insight on how to identify misinformation which was included in the Ph. D. thesis of mentor Sruti Bhagavatula.
  • Developed machine learning models in Python using scikit-learn with 98% accuracy to classify articles spreading misinformation by using differential analysis and natural language processing.


Technical Advisor

Stanford, CA | March 2020 – July 2021

EdTech start-up, recipient of First Act Fund grant, developing AI to systemize parts of the $47B/year private tutoring market.

  • Reached 350 customers and 15 countries by designing a data analysis stack to enable machine learning techniques.
  • Advised team on cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing tools to build a robust product offering.


Co-Founder, Vice President, COO

Pittsburgh, PA | October 2019 – Present

  • Manage day-to-day business operations relating to community outreach and tournament contracts.
  • Organized 10+ tournament events for the local Pittsburgh community and East Coast online community as well as 4 regional events with prize pots of at least $250 amassing over 150 entrants each.

Analystics LLC

Machine Learning Expert

Pittsburgh, PA | October 2019 – December 2020

Cutting edge hockey analytics aiding teams and agencies in better decision-making and pushing the NHL into the data age.

  • Designed, developed, and deployed proprietary machine learning models to improve NHL player value analysis which led to more accurate player contract structures and newer, more modern salary bonus structures.
  • Aided 4 sport agencies’ contract and trade negotiation processes by supplying statistical analyses to value players leading to high-impact trades and contract signings.

Buchanan & Edwards

CTO Intern

Arlington/Chantilly, VA | May – August 2018

  • Designed a secure and efficient blockchain model for contract closures between parties which allowed either party the ability to decline transactions while maintaining original blockchain structure.
  • Decreased engineering risk by 75% by applying theory of zero-knowledge proofs to software design and architecture.
  • Managed interns and provide thought and technical leadership on projects related to a central attribute management system for user identification, authentication, and authorization; and facial recognition to aid in identifying micro-expressions from still images and video feeds.

GlowTouch Technologies

Project Management Intern

Louisville, KY | May – August 2017

  • Designed business logic for UI database platform to manage science fair project entries which led to increased performance of the overall system.
  • ​​Improved backend of science fair project database by increasing efficiency by 200%, decreasing latency by 500%, and decreasing storage by 150%.
  • Mentor for Empowered: non-profit bringing computer science and entrepreneurship to minority girls; taught HTML, CSS, and Python scripting to create a website for the local school district.

Signature HealthCARE

Software Engineer Intern

Louisville, KY | May – August 2016

  • Implemented optimal search algorithms which led to 200% increase in data validation accuracy and 150% decrease in data automation time and space to decrease maintenance costs.

Scalable Ventures

User Interface Design Lead

Louisville, KY | November 2014 – February 2015

  • Created a modern UI for remote worker tracking application.