Carnegie Mellon BioRobotics Lab

Pittsburgh, PA | Aug – Nov 2017

  • Enhanced reinforcement learning searches on Da Vinci medical robot for tumor recognition
  • Built autonomous three-space object tracking using OpenCV and Python

Enhancing Exploration of Black Box Classifiers

Louisville, KY | May – Aug 2017

  • Developed algorithm to attack black box classifier with minimum data for proof of concept

Asymmetric Elliptic Curve Algorithm for Iris Recognition

Louisville, KY | Jul 2014 – Aug 2015

University of Louisville Department of Mechanical Engineering

Louisville, KY | Sept 2013 – Jul 2015

  • Wrote MATLAB code to analyze to prove a theoretical air conditioning system as practical
  • Paper published in IEEE Xplore Digital Library:

Winning the War Against Hackers – A Hybrid Asymmetric Cryptography Algorithm

Louisville, KY | Jul 2013 – Aug 2014

  • Created algorithm that is faster and more secure than current security standards

Personal Projects

All code for my personal projects can be seen on my personal GitHub page:


  • Experiments in cryptography and machine learning

Learner’s LISP

  • LISP language meant to help introduce students to functional programming and principles


  • clacc is a compiler that takes Clac (a reverse Polish notation calculator from the CMU course 15-122) code and outputs C0 bytecode, also from 15-122